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The shadow Service of the product makes us think about its authenticity. Without shadow, the product cannot sustain the community long and does not promote the public interest. It’s easy to see how important a product umbrella is to your business. Unfortunately, not all photos have shadows, and no perfect shadows exist. This is where the intersecting path reasonably provides a shadow creation service to make the product image more natural and realistic. So Pixel Fix Studio takes care of any flat shadow image, not so dark or imperfect. These images still render perfectly using the Photoshop shadow effect, with a basic touch and by changing your current background when using the path follow.


What is an image shadow service?



The Image Shadow Service is a powerful image editing method used by many large companies to make images more attractive. However, getting the perfect shadow effect that accurately emphasizes the image is not easy. You need a professional ghost company like us to do the job for you. Attractive images lead to more sales, and with our team that removes backgrounds and creates shadows, the success of your business is guaranteed.



Why is Shadow Service needed?


Shadow service is very important for the image. Because it gives the photo a fresh look and makes it real, all the work is done with Photoshop and pre-installed tools, as these tools are the best option. For example, if we extract an image and place it on a white background, it will look very artificial. But the only way to make it real and cool is to create shadows to create an image where necessary. When shadows are applied, the image changes with a natural impression that easily catches the customer’s attention, and images created with shadows make a very strong impression on the customer. They are fascinated by the quality of the image they choose.




How many types of image shadow services are applied?



Create Product/ Natural Shadow



Create Product/ Natural Shadow
Create Product/ Natural Shadow

In some product photos, the background surface is not reflected off the bottom during shooting. The natural product/tint is applied. The quality of a 3D product increases enormously. As a result, the products attract customers.



Photoshop Drop Shadow/ Box Shadow



Photoshop Drop Shadow/ Box Shadow
Photoshop Drop Shadow/ Box Shadow

Among the shadow services we sought were advertising agencies and catalogue photographers. This service separates objects from other images and creates shadows.


This is an individual product related service. For example, some products require high-contrast colours, for others – soft. Therefore, we divide the shadow area.



Mirror and Reflection shadow



Mirror and Reflection shadow
Mirror and Reflection shadow

If you place it on a floating mirror, your image will look like this. That is why it is also called reflective shadows. Here the shadow has the same colour and characteristics as the object. The only difference is that they can be flipped or sideways, depending on the direction of your shadow. In addition, the depth of the shadow can be adjusted to give a faded effect. It is generally very effective when used properly. It emphasizes the object in question, and it is really beautiful in the end. It can be used on any image or image.



Original Shadow Service



Original Shadow Service
Original Shadow Service


When capturing images, the shadows may not be as perfect as we expected. These complications can occur for various reasons, such as poor photographic backgrounds, poor lighting, incorrect camera settings, background removal services, different angles, and more. But you don’t have to worry about it while we’re here. Whatever the reason, we’ll take care of it. We use the best photo editing features, and our Photoshop experts are trained to restore the original shadows of the subject. So just send us your photo, and we’ll take care of it.




Floating Shadow service




Floating Shadow service
Floating Shadow service


Some images contain moving objects or jumping people. These images may require shadows that are difficult to remove. Unfortunately, traditional shades don’t work either.


In this shadow service, we balance the depth of the field of photos by measuring the space between the object and the surface. Then add a natural shade, and you will get the desired result.





When Do You Need To Use Shadow Service?




In the photography industry, shadow services are used for various purposes, including some of the key insights we try to explore here.


  • These images must be available for e-commerce sites, online publications or for creating various catalogues.
  • When you want to add character and context to various product images.
  • Photos with existing shadows should be used in a variety of backgrounds.
  • You need to look more natural and attractive to get the object in the picture.
  • Sometimes the subject and the background of the image are the same colour. So a shadow effect is used to focus the subject on the same background.




Why Pixel Fix Studio for Image Shadow Service?



Pixel Fix Studio provides high-quality shading services to the industry. Our inspiration is to give our customers a practical and easy view of the product. Our artistic way of adding shadows has a practical impact on business. We study the market to find current strategies. This is how our services influence actual product marketing. Our shadow editing specialists have experience managing lighting to provide a display on your platform. We make the natural tones even more awesome and exciting. We focused on creating a series of simulations of natural light on objects. In addition, we increase product visibility.


Our suppliers are closely matched to the newly created existing shades. And this technique is enough to create an unusual shadow effect. Our customers trust us. We provide a friendly, professional environment and a secure means of communication. In addition, you will receive your product on time. So you don’t have to worry anymore about getting lost. We use the most advanced shadow service settings. It guarantees quality service at the lowest prices on the market. So apply today and get a discount for bulk orders.





When to use the Image Shadow service?




Ecommerce entrepreneurs need this service after taking a photo of the product. If you think your product image needs a more professional look, use a silhouette and make your images inevitable. Photoshop shadows give the image an aesthetic feel. Get the beautiful look of your raw product image with the help of professional editors. And if you want the best view of the product, shade it. The shadow effect works like magic in any photo.



Again, shadow service is necessary for organizations working on sales. If you use all your resources, you will still not get the desired results. Instead, hire a professional photo editor to remove shadow effects. You can see the difference between a raw shadow and a well-polished shadow effect. Therefore, if you want to improve image quality and appearance, use shadow services. The best eCommerce companies use these services to drive more traffic to your website. In addition, these effects are important in building a potential customer base. After removing the background in partition mode, you will also need this service because the image is now flat. Shading services bring this image to life.




Looking for a Company with Affordable Photoshop Shadow Services?



Ultimately, gaining our knowledge and work experience over the years is the best combination of professional and quality editing, the fastest possible recovery time, security, data protection and money laundering. Easy-to-use Photoshop shadow generation tool. Achieving your strategic goals is not always as easy as it is now with Pixel Fix Studio shadow services.


Adaptive shading service. Your Photoshop shadow effects can be adjusted according to your spending limits and personal preferences. Our vision is to provide our customers with the best photo editing services available so that they or you can use high-quality photos in campaigns.


Our helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for questions. Alternatively, you can give us your photos with a free trial to find out how good we are, or ask us a question, and one of our experts will respond promptly.


We strive to maintain the same level of professionalism in all projects. Therefore, the performance of each project is calculated and evaluated. Plus, our compliance monitoring experts will make sure you’re completely satisfied.


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