Clipping Path & Backgrounds Photo Editing Company

Clipping Path

Clipping path service is the initial editing step to isolate a product from an image. It helps to distribute an image by removing unwanted objects and backgrounds

Background Removal

Background removal is different from other means of photographic editing in that it is a subtraction means of editing a photograph.

Image Masking

It is a process of removing background from hairy images. Here at Pixel Fix Studio, we are using advanced Photoshop knowledge because removing background from hairy subjects makes it difficult to remove the background.

Photo reflection shadow

This editing technique is used to put a shadow in the background. The light can be adjusted to make a natural looking shadow. This will give the object the illusion that it is sitting on a surface

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a practical solution for photographers, be it a professional one or a newbie. So to save time and sweat, and to stay on schedule, outsource us to do your photo retouching.

Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint

This service is particularly done for clothing related product. Online base style house company is emerged day by day it is important to draw buyer attraction. Excellent product portrait help to promote sales.

Color Correction

We are specialist in color correction and other effects. like- color balance, adjusting brightness and contrast , Enhancing color saturation and hue e.t.c. Color Correction Service are completed with some numerous digital tools of Photoshop including masks, whitener & shadows. So if you want to improve the lighting, color & exposure afterwards please contact us with your full concept

Raster image to Vector

Vector conversion is a process of using vector format to reproduce raster images. Raster images are the obvious file formats such as png and jpg and are common on the web. On the other hand, vector graphics need some expertise to reproduce images on physical products such as signage, engraving, specialty printing, metal stamping, and glass etching.

Short Description of Services

Get to Know About Our Company

We are Pixel Fix Studio, an outsourcing and offshore image editing company. We offer a variety of image editing services such as Clipping Path, Image Masking, Shadow Adding, Color Correction, Photo Retouching, E-commerce Photo Editing, Imperfection Fixing, Portrait Editing, Jewelry Editing, 3D & Video Editing, and many more! We do it all 100% manually so that you get the most personal and perfect service. The heart of our company is our brilliant editors. We recruit the most talented, creative, and diligent editors from every corner of Bangladesh. Most of our clients are the world’s top photographers, retailers, e-commerce sites, brands, agencies, etc. Some of the largest companies around the world put their faith in us every day with their images. So that alone can be an assurance of how serious we are about our security policies. When we hear your positive feedback, satisfaction, and happy responses, that is the moment when we find true joy and it brings a huge smile to all of our faces!

Simplicity is Best

No one has the time for a complicated order placement process! So we kept your convenience in mind when we created our client dashboard area. So placing an order with us is always a pleasant experience for you!

General Querries!

Receiving orders from clients, forwarding to production manager, running production, getting done files, quality check-up, revision if required, and delivery to clients. This is the general procedure of the best Clipping Path Service at Pixel Fix Studio. All the operations are under continuous follow-up and changes, corrections, and modifications if required.

Reasonable price, superlative quality, and quick turnaround time are the basics of our work. The specialty of our work is valuing your time to serve with the best. We are dedicated to providing services on-demand and take the responsibility to complete any task sincerely. Pixel Fix Studio is always at your service.

Technically, you can have all the resource files according to the deal between you and Pixel Fix Studio. Generally, we provide services and if you demand more, there should be a short discussion. However, the done files are consist of all the properties you may require for any type of Clipping Path Service

As a matter of fact, we have an unlimited revision facility for all the Clipping Path Service categories you need. We make sure to provide you with the perfect clipping path services considering your valuable time. Still, if you find any mistake or mismatch, we will be happy to provide you revisions as required.