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Ghost Mannequin Service In Photoshop




Ghost Mannequin Service or joint neck service is a great word for clothing industry owners, business magazine owners or professional photographers. Of course, at some point, we all went shopping – selling clothes. But, have you ever wondered how to take pictures of these clothes?


Well, here’s how.


The photographer takes the first picture, dresses the model in the right clothes, and then takes the right pictures.


These images have been modified to make the mannequin disappear, hence the name “Ghost Mannequin.”



What is ghost Mannequin Service?




The words ghost and mannequin, have you ever heard them? Is this your first time Keep those nasty words quiet on the street. Have you ever seen a mannequin in a clothing store with exclusive clothes? The mannequin is a dummy used to display clothes in a store. However, if a clothing product is to be displayed for an online store, it should not be displayed with this design mockup as it can significantly reduce the image value of the product. So here we are talking about a ghost doll that is the subject of photo editing by a qualified Photoshop editor.


If you visit an online clothing store, you will notice that the clothing product displayed on the website floats on a hidden platform, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. There is no real mannequin or mannequin in the product image, like the real human body as shown to you – this is the best site to attract potential customers’ attention to the product. For fashion items for the online store, they need to remove this image from the image to make it more attractive for better visual communication with customers.The process performed by Photoshop experts is called a ghost mannequin service.




Ghost Mannequin Effect Service Overview



The effect is possible with 2D and 3D clothing, and although humans can use it, it is more economical and practical to use plastic mannequins or mannequins, hence the name. The effect can be applied to various types of clothing such as underwear, vests, jackets, pants, shirts, etc.The process begins when a photographer takes a suit photo with a mannequin wearing a suit. Different angles were included to meet the needs of the project. Now that you have a picture of the dress with the dummies, you can send us the picture, and we will use the ghost mannequin effect.


When you’re done, all traces of the mannequin will disappear, leaving you with only the clothes you want. However, our service does not stop at the main effects of ghost characters. If you wish, we can make further changes as follows:


  • Remove the shadows
  • Reshape certain parts of the image
  • Straighten and scale elements collected
  • Removes dust, wrinkles and bumps
  • We also do 2D neck joints
  • Scarf and neck effect

Our team uses multiple tools to create the best images. For example, we use cross-sectional paths for proper selection. We also correct image problems such as blur and blur and adjust brightness, saturation, color correction and other elements as needed.



Who needs ghost mannequin services?



Photographers mainly request the ghost mannequin service. However, in addition to photographers, other companies need this service; these are …


  • E-commerce companies
  • Clothing stores online
  • Clothing industry
  • Advertising companies
  • Fashion houses
  • Newspaper
  • Typography, etc.



Ghost Mannequin Service for Product Photos




People use the Ghost Mannequin Service to elegantly display their clothes in an online store or anywhere. But in addition to clothes, you can order various products, and these models are not so rare. Let’s say that in addition to clothing, you can also request the services of a ghost mannequin for various items such as watches, bracelets and the like.


Simply loading the clock while holding it on the table is ineffective as people can’t see both sides. But if you first take a photo of the watch while it’s in someone’s hand, then remove part of the hand from the photo, making the watch look smarter. The reason is that after using the ghost mannequin effect, people can see both sides of the watch and have an idea of ​​what it would look like if they wore it.


In the same way, you can request the services of a ghost mannequin for everything we take as decoration. Remember that the ghost model effect doubles the value of the image, so brands already rely heavily on ghost model services.



How do Ghost Mannequin Clipping Path Services Work?




To non-experts, tailoring a mannequin can seem complicated and time-consuming. Most online store owners do not have the time or skills to edit these photos. However, our team is trained in photo editing and can make your photos professional in no time. The first step in our editing process is taking a photo. We ask that you photograph the product from different angles so that we can evaluate what looks best on your site. The best mannequin for you is a static, living mannequin with all limbs out of the frame. Using a matte white mannequin is also a good idea, making it easier to edit outside of the image. The product must fit the mannequin as it will fit the intended customer, so make sure you choose the right size dress.



The best pictures of the product were taken with high-quality cameras and good lighting. Low-quality images will not look professional even after the dummy is removed. When shooting, the camera should be aimed directly at the chest to get the best angle. Once we have your high-quality photos, we can efficiently edit any ugly mannequins. To do this, we created layers in our photo editing program. So please choose a product and refine the mask to fit perfectly. This allows us to adjust the dummy so that you remain alone with the outfit. After this process, you will receive stunning images with 3D effects that look realistic, and that will help you increase your sales in your online store. We can ship it back to you within 4 hours so that you can display it on your website as soon as possible.



How will this image editing service boost your sales?



Customers will not get a realistic look if the jacket is loaded somewhere and its image is created. But if you take a picture of the model wearing them and then remove the model, that look is valuable. This is because the fur falls off when the dummy is on the body, and the inside becomes hollow.


At first glance, it is clear whether this image suits everyone. This applies to all types of clothing – trousers, jackets, hoods, T-shirts, etc. When you see folded jeans, you don’t know whether you like them. Difficult to understand – these are the parts you are looking for. But if you see the same pants with jeans, it will be easier to understand whether you are wearing them or not.


Another reason why photo editing service providers believe that the ghost mannequin shows all parts of the costume.


The sales potential naturally increases when the consumer sees the garment from the heart and gets its realistic appearance. Therefore, the Crossroads Finder is now focused on the Phantom dummy service.




Why Should You Get Our Ghost Mannequin Service?




Pixel Fix Studio is the best ghost doll service provider that provides professional and first-class service at an affordable price that meets the needs of our customers. We are proud of our professionalism and special dedication.


Exact Neck Part Joint



The details of the cropped neck joint should be adjusted accordingly. The neck parts’ connection ensures no break in the photo when viewed 360 degrees. We also combine it with a mannequin sleeve effect to prevent shadowing on the sleeves.


Smooth Anchor Pointing



We connected the curved segment where it flows evenly with a flat anchoring tool. Making your photos more realistic is important, and we guarantee that by editing your photos with a seamless paste tool.


Fast Delivery and High Quality



Some businesses may rely on automated tools to save time. But you can’t rely on automated tools for stable performance and quality accuracy. It takes time to complete a task while maintaining efficiency and quality. But our designers are very interested in what they do and do it quickly without damaging our reputation. This allows us to offer you a quick ghost doll service even in urgent cases without compromising the quality of the work.




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